Welcome to Alaska! 🏔

Welcome to Alaska! 🏔

June 28, 2022



The 2022 Cook Inlet commercial salmon season is about to kick into high gear...


If you were to turn off Alaska’s Sterling highway at milepost 138 in Ninilchik you will land at Kenai-Red FC’s processing plant and Airbnb on a bluff overlooking the Cook Inlet. Our operation is bustling with activity as our team is hard at work preparing for the 2022 salmon season.

Clint is back in Ninilchik for the summer and the seasonal crew is assembling from near and far; Local Cook Inleters, the Lower 48 (Oregon, California, Wisconsin), and from as far away as Baja. Under the direction of plant manager Jamie Bellefeuille, our new crew is being trained in all of our fish processing and food safety protocols. Back from last year are Josh (Ninilchik local) and Charlie (NE Portland / University of Redlands). Our equipment (ice machines, forklifts, vacuum packer and industrial freezer) is ready for full production.

Tim & Monica, Matt, Dean, Nate, and Joanne, Steve & Benjamin - a few of our extraordinary Cook Inlet set-netters are busy preparing their fishing nets and skiffs for the first opener projected to be on or around June 23rd. 

And in a major development at Kenai-Red FC, we’ve acquired ownership of a 35-acre property which includes a strategic dock located on the famous Kasilof river. We’re thrilled to get underway with another successful salmon season and bringing premium wild salmon to your table. Stay tuned for our updates throughout the season…


(view from the plane looking down on the new property and dock!)

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