Coho salmon

NOTE: As a result of the current situation with COVID-19, we will be taking your order commitments but will wait to take payment until we have a confirmation for the 2020 fishing season. Please select "COVID-19 Payment Delay" as your payment option at checkout to delay payment. 


Option 1: 20 lbs delivered once

  • $280.00  ($14.00/lb) *

  • 12 oz portions

  • Delivery in September


    Option 2: 20 lbs delivered twice  

    • $290.00 ($14.50/lb) *

    • 12 oz portions

    • 10 lb delivery in September, 10 lbs in February 


      Option 3: 10 lbs delivered once

      • $155.00 ($15.50/lb) *

      • 12 oz portions

      • Delivery in September


        Option 4: 18 lbs bi-monthly pick up

        • $265.00 ($14.75/lb) *

        • $44.00/pick up

        • 3 lbs per pick up (four 12 oz portions)

        • 6 pick ups (every other month starting in August)


        Option 5: 36 lbs monthly pick up

        • $504.00 ($14.00/lb) *

        • $44.00/monthly

        • 3 lbs per pick up (four 12 oz portions)

        • 12 pick ups (every month starting in August)



          *IMPORTANT: Final share pricing is subject to market pricing and to be determined by end of July 2020.  To better understand how  CSF Shares work, click here.


          Kenai-Red Fish Company proudly offers high quality, long lasting, and sustainably caught wild Alaskan coho and sockeye salmon portions. Our coho Salmon is fisherman-direct, meaning that it goes straight from the boat to you in the Portland, OR area at an affordable price. No middlemen, no questionable processing, 100% traceable.   

          Our Coho Salmon is line caught, bled, and immediately iced for premium quality. It is then processed, often within 8 hours, vacuum sealed and flash frozen at 40+ degrees below zero. Our process guarantees the salmon in your delivery is the best quality available, in fact it is "fresher than fresh" because of it. You will see and taste the difference immediately!

          Our coho is conveniently portioned into 12 oz individual flash frozen and vacuum sealed packages.

          Choose between coho salmon: 20 lbs delivered once, 20 lbs delivered twice in 10 lb deliveries, 10 lbs delivered once, or pick monthly pick up.