"Get Wild" Fish Club

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Entire "Get Wild" Fish Club saves over 16% PLUS you, as the coordinator, get free seafood! 

Form a "Get Wild" Fish Club with family and friends to place a minimum combined order of 100 pounds.  For instance, if you and four friends each ordered 20 pounds of premium wild Alaskan salmon, the total order would receive over 16% off. (Regular price for our Monthly Seafood Market is $18/lb, "Get Wild" Fish Club price is anticipated to be $15.00/lb.) PLUS, you as the organizer, will receive free salmon as a thank you for your efforts in growing our salmon community (Pretty cool, aye!) 


It is as simple as that! We want to encourage you to spread the word while offering a great discount.

So here is a breakdown...


What Is A "Get Wild" Fish Club

Our "Get Wild" Fish Clubs are designed to conveniently deliver our quality, sustainable, wild-caught sockeye and coho salmon products to groups of seafood enthusiasts who want a great deal. As we have continued to grow and reach more people, we created our "Get Wild" Fish Club concept to make our salmon available to groups at a discounted price. 

A "Get Wild" Fish Club is a group of people that connect one or two times a year to pick up their pre-ordered salmon shares. By combining your order with like-minded seafood lovers, you have the buying power to have a superior product delivered to you at a great price.

How Does A "Get Wild" Fish Club Work?

  • Get a group of people together for ordering-- friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc. and let us know that you want to start a "Get Wild" Fish Club by emailing us at allison@kenairedfc.com
  • Place your order with Allison
  • Determine a pick up/delivery date & location when the fish is ready
  • Organize your members to pick up their order at the prearranged date and time

Why Form A "Get Wild" Fish Club?

  • You, the organizer, save BIG and all the members save as well!
  • Everyone included in your "Get Wild" Fish Club will receive up to 16% off their order
  • In addition to the over 16% off, the "Get Wild" Fish Club coordinator will receive free salmon as a thank you for your efforts in growing our salmon community! 


Hear what our customers have to say!

"I have been organizing a buying club for Clint and Allison for years and love it every time. I mention their names because more than just supporting a local business, i love supporting them! They are truly wonderful people who have created a direct to consumer, efficient way to get sustainably caught salmon (literally by Clint and his crew in Alaska!) to people. My community has benefitted from the buying club through great discounts on super healthy protein, and fun relationship building!"

Eecole Copen

"We have been organizing a buying club with Allison and her father for the last two years. It has been a great experience and a fantastic way to keep our and our freezers full of good salmon at a good price."

Nels JL

"I have managed a Buying Club for the last couple of years. We have grown every year both in members and in the amount of fish ordered because our members love the fish (so they order more) and recommend it to their friends and family (so we get more members). It is easy to order and pick up. I can't imagine not having Kenai Red supplying our salmon (frozen and smoked!) for the year. We are all happy to support our local supply!"

Karly R

"It's so rare these days to know where your food comes from; to actually get a chance to look the person in the eye who grew/raised/caught it. The Kenai-Red buyer's club enables us to share that experience with our friends, neighbors and co-workers. Salmon pickup day becomes a party and a celebration of the delicious. the natural, the unprocessed. It's truly gratifying when they come back year after year, proclaiming it's the best salmon they've ever tasted!"

Caroleigh Elliott & Colin McDonell

“The KRC buying club is great! This is our 3rd consecutive year organizing a buying club. So why do we keep coming back? Three reasons:

(1) The quality of their fish and operation. By buying from this CSF (community support fishery), you support sustainability, small-boat fishermen, and their fishing families. You are also a member of a community that is working hard to provide a better ocean for generations to come.

(2) The price. Who doesn't love a discount?!

(3) The community building. It is fun to bring friends and family together every year in the "salmon club" as we call it. Each year, when the time comes for people to pick up their share from us, it gives us the opportunity to visit, say hello, and build community. In 2019 we used the bonus salmon you get as the organizer of the club to cook a big salmon dinner and we invited all of the club participants. We plan to do that again this year.”

Peter Koehler