Buying Clubs

Entire Buying Club saves 16% PLUS you as the Buying Club coordinator get free salmon!





Form a Buying Club with family and friends to place a minimum combined order of 100 pounds.  For instance, if you and nine friends each ordered 10 pounds of premium wild Alaskan salmon, the total order would receive approximately 16% discount. (Regular price for a 10 lb share is anticipated to be $16.000/lb, Buying Club price is anticipated to be $13.50/lb.) PLUS, you as the organizer, will receive free salmon as a thank you for your efforts in growing our salmon community! Choose a name for your Buying Club and coordinate with Allison or your sales rep at Kenai-Red Fish Company for the order and delivery.


It is as simple as that! We want to encourage you to spread the word while offering a great discount.


So here is a breakdown... 


What Is A Buying Club?

Our Buying Clubs are designed to conveniently deliver our quality, sustainable, wild-caught sockeye and coho salmon products to groups of seafood enthusiasts who want a great deal. As we have continued to grow and reach more people, we created our Buying Clubs concept to make our salmon available to groups at a discounted price. 

A Buying Club is a group of people that connect one or two times a year to pick up their pre-ordered salmon shares. By combining your order with like-minded seafood lovers, you have the buying power to have a superior product delivered to you at a great price.


How Does A Buying Club Work?

  • Get a group of people together for ordering-- friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc. and let us know that you want to start a Buying Club by emailing us at
  • Place your order with Allison
  • Determine a delivery location and we will arrange a delivery date & time
  • Organize your members to pick up their order at the prearranged date and time


Why Form A Buying Club?

  • You, the organizer, save BIG and all the members save as well!
  • Everyone included in your Buying Club will receive up to 16% off their order
  • In addition to the 16% off, the Buying Club coordinator will receive free salmon as a thank you for your efforts in growing our salmon community! 



It’s that easy! Talk with some of your friends and neighbors: we have found that once people realize the opportunity and convenience of purchasing wild Alaskan  salmon of this quality, they are grateful for the opportunity to join forces.