Health Benefits

Kenai-Red Fish Company’s salmon is high in antioxidants and are a natural source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids.  There is no traceable amounts of mercury as can happen in the fish caught in the rivers near larger cities like Portland, or in larger, longer-living fish like swordfish.  The high-quality protein found in our fish is not only healthy, the luxurious flavor is reason enough to try some for yourself! 

Kenai Red Fish Company Sockeye Salmon in holdOur salmon is not farm raised.  They are born in the wild waters of Alaska's Northern Pacific Ocean. No hormones, no artificial preservatives, no coloring – – none needed!  These fish are responsibly harvested in a way that allows the fish population to continue to thrive and with as little environmental impact as possible on the other species that call these waters home.  They are flash frozen to preserve all of the good taste and nutrition.  Click here to read more about that process.

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