February Seafood Market

Do you prefer to have the flexibility to order what you want when you want? Curious about trying a different Kenai-Red Fish Co. product? Have a friend who wants to try us out? You are in luck! 

We have launched our Monthly Seafood Market allowing you to fill your palate with yummy seafood outside of our share program season.

  • Total flexibility - what you want when you want
  • Multiple seafood options in addition to salmon throughout the year subject to availability
  • Periodic specials
  • Pay as you go

Already purchased a 2022 share?

  • Purchase salmon and add variety while you are waiting for your share to arrive.
  • Add other seafood to your share purchase year round


Currently available: February Seafood Market

Order between today and February 23rd for a February 27th or 28th pick up or delivery 

Learn more and order here