Salmon Shares


One size does not always fit all. We offer many different options and ways to purchase our Wild Alaskan seafood. By ordering a salmon share, you receive the best prices and become a member of our Community Supported Fishery (CSF). Below you will see three buying options that will fit the needs of all seafood loving households. Whether you are one person, a family of eight,  or even a community of seafood lovers - we have you covered! Go ahead, fish around and see what works best for you...

Monthly and Bi-monthly pick up

subscription 2
  • 2023 share ordering opens April 1st, 2023. Stay tuned!
  • 3 lb, 6 lbs, and 9 lb per month share options
  • Monthly or bi-monthly (every other month) pick up options
  • Out of town one month? Having a dinner party the next? No problem. We can always skip or add to any of the monthly pick ups
  • Scale to what you need depending on family size and consumption
  • Pick ups begin in August 2023
Ordering opening April 1st, 2023

Annual and semi-annual delivery

subscription 4
  • 2023 share ordering opens April 1st, 2023. Stay tuned!
  • 10 lb or 20 lb share options
  • One delivery (September) or two deliveries (September and February) - first delivery on us!
  • Second best price per lb behind our Get Wild Fish Club option
  • Our classic share option for those with extra freezer space
  • Run out of your share before our next season? Purchase through our Monthly Seafood market below
  • Delivery begins in September 2023
Ordering opening April 1st, 2023

Host a Get Wild Fish Club

subscription 3
  • 2023 Get Wild Fish Club ordering opens April 1st, 2023. Stay tuned!
  • Put together a bulk order of 100 lbs or more with friends and family and save approx. 16% on your total order
  • Lowest price per lb
  • As the Get Wild Fish Club host, we reward you with free seafood
  • Current Get Wild Fish Clubs range in size from 4-150 members 
  • Pick up/delivery in September 2023
Learn more here. Ordering opening April 1st, 2023