Our Team

Clint "Skiffman" Benson

Clint (or Skiffman, as we call him) founded Kenai-Red Fish Comapany in 2013. Clint is an East Portland guy, with a fisherman’s heart and a knack for catching the best salmon in the waters around Homer, AK. Clint brings the best catch to his stompin’ grounds in the the City of Roses where he grew up, and where he started honing his fishing skills before discovering the rich treasures of Kachemak Bay just off Alaska’s famed Kenai Peninsula. He yearned to find a way to get directly marketed wild Alaskan sockeye salmon to the PNW so he took it upon himself to make it happen.. and here we are!

Allison Benson

Allison, Clint’s youngest of three daughters, is a Portland native who recently moved back from New Orleans to join the family team. While the crew is fishing up in Alaska, Allison manages sales, marketing and operations in Portland.

The Local Crew

Part of our commitment to community is shown in our hiring local crews who know the waters, the fish, the trade, and can pour themselves back into their own community in and around Homer, Alaska