Meet the Crew!

Clint (Skiffman) Benson, Founder

Clint (or Skiffman, as we call him) founded Kenai-Red Fish Company in 2013. But the story really started back when Clint was an adventurous college student who hitchhiked to Alaska to explore the “last frontier.” It didn’t take long for Clint to carve out his own commercial enterprise on the famous Kenai Peninsula, introducing a new service of transporting salmon caught in the Cook Inlet using large skiffs. The fishermen could count on Clint’s “skiff tenders” to unload their boats faster and get back out to catch more salmon. And thus, the legend of Clint “Skiffman” Benson was born. After years of raising a family with his wife Barbara, and a professional career in Portland, Clint’s early experience in Alaska came full circle decades later when he founded Kenai-Red. As our founder, Clint has an unwavering belief in running an ethical business shaped by his personal values and the principles of the Community Supported Fishery (CSF) movement.

Allison Jones, CSF Coordinator & Head of Operations

Allison, Clint’s youngest of three daughters, has been with the family business since its origin in 2013. At that time, she was living in New Orleans but would spend her Summers in the Rose City spearheading operations part-time. As the company grew, Allison took on a full-time role as our CSF Coordinator and Head of Operations. Allison wears many hats and can be found directing the action for our Portland area farmer’s markets, serving as the face of the company to individual share members, buying clubs, corporate accounts and CSA partners. She is also instrumental in all of the company’s marketing programs. A big congrats is in order as she is a newlywed to her incredible husband Peter Jones!

Michael Schwab, General Manager

As a young college student, Mike got his first taste of Alaska when his brother-in-law Clint (Skiffman) Benson recruited him to join the skiff tender enterprise. Mike spent long days and nights operating skiffs, pitching fish and getting a firsthand education of the Alaska fisheries on the Cook Inlet. “Uncle Mike” joined full-time in June of 2021, after previously serving as an investor and consultant to the company. Following decades of corporate sales leadership roles in high technology, Mike is passionate about helping lead the company’s growth and organizational development strategies. Mike lives in Half Moon Bay, CA with his partner and the company’s spiritual advisor Carolyn.

Rachael Sullivan, Member Engagement & Inventory Manager

Rachael, the middle of Clint’s three daughters, recently joined the family business in a part-time role. As the pandemic hit, and with the birth of her second daughter Lyla, Rachael transitioned from her full-time job at Kroger to be home with her girls. At Kroger she held a variety of roles but was most recently a buyer and planner. Rachael now serves as the company’s Member Engagement and Inventory Manager, helping us stay organized by creating and implementing our new inventory tracking systems and driving the company’s social media programs and partnerships. On her off-time Rachael stays busy raising her daughters Avery (3) and Lyla (1) with her husband Sam Sullivan.

The 2021 Alaska Crew

Jamie Bellefueille, Onsite Manager, AK

Jamie is originally from Northwest Wisconsin, growing up on the border of farmland and logging country. In 2017, he started living on the bluff in Clam gulch, AK overlooking the majestic Cook Inlet. Being from Midwest farm country, he moved to Alaska to be near the mountains and ocean and seeking the adventure and freedom. Jamie started with the company in May 2020 and serves as the Onsite Manager running our facility and processing plant in Ninilchik. He loves teaching and sharing his experience with the younger crew members and contributing to the local community. Jamie is our renaissance man who seems capable of doing just about everything and when not working has a love of woodworking and collecting antique tools.

Skyler Weinstein, Production Supervisor, AK

Sky was raised in Portland but currently lives in Bend, OR attending school to pursue his BS in Forestry / Nature Resources. He started with the company as part of our Alaska crew in 2020 and returned for his second season in Ninilchik during the Summer of 2021. He plays and important role as part of our production team, mastering the art of cutting fish on the processing line. Sky is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys fishing, camping and skiing.

Josh Kaleel, Production Associate, AK

Josh is another Portland native. He started with the company a few years ago working at our Portland area farmer’s markets and packaging and delivering share orders to our customers. Josh spent the Summer of 2020 working on a salmon setnet site for one of our fishing partners where he gained valuable fishery experience harvesting salmon for our company. In the Summer of 2021 Josh joined our Ninilchik production team playing many roles in processing and packaging of our products. He is also our Director of photography. Josh takes advantage of his Summers in Alaska and loves fishing, foraging and environmentalism as a whole.

Josh Jackson, Production Associate, AK

Josh moved to Alaska 20 years ago and lives near our processing plant in Ninilchik. He joined the company in the Summer of 2021, but has a long history around the Cook Inlet fisheries, having served as a deckhand on setnet sites as well as with drifters and seiners. Josh quickly became a valuable part of our production team, working up and down the processing line in a variety of roles. He is a resourceful Alaskan that loves snow machines, ice fishing, moose hunting and even taps birch trees to make syrup. Josh is also known to bring in some great meals for the crew and is the proud Dad of 7 and 9 year-old boys.

Charlie Knott, Production Associate, AK

Yet another crew member from Portland, Charlie joined our team in the Summer of 2021. He fit in right away and became a valuable part of our fish processing and overall production efforts in Ninilchik. Charlie is pursuing his degree in Environment Studies at the University of Redland in California. He is also known to be a very talented snowboarder and surfer.