So how does a CSF (Community Supported Fishery) “share” work?

A CSF's purpose is to connect folks with the ocean which provides for them, and to build rich relationships between the fishermen and the community (shareholders).  To do this, CSF “members” give the fishing community financial support before the season starts.  Think of it as “seed” money that allows the fisher to fish.  In exchange, the fisher shares a regular share of seafood to the members during the harvest season.

In the case of the Kenai-Red Fish Company, you have the opportunity to become a member (aka “shareholder”) by pre-purchasing a share, or even a partial share. We fish for you during the wild Alaskan sockeye and coho season each summer, then bring the salmon back to Portland when the season ends. Your shares are delivered directly to your household, where we introduce ourselves, tell fish tales, and swap recipes. 

We have developed relationships with some amazing retailers here in the Portland area, and that's another way to participate in our fishery. You can buy our fish and support local stores here in Portland.  Find links to these stores HERE.


Fast Facts:

  • Our premium sockeye is Marine Stewardship Council certified
  • We own our own small-batch processing facility in Ninilchik, AK where we process and smoke our own fish
  • The fish that goes in is the fish that comes out! What does that mean? In larger processing facilities, the fish you catch is not necessarily the fish you receive on the back end. That will never happen here. The fish we catch on our boats is exactly the fish you receive upon delivery!
  • “Catch-to-freezer” time is often an impressive 12 hrs
  • Sockeye salmon is a delicious source of protein and high in Omega 3's