Why So Good?

For starters, we handle each wild salmon we catch with care from the time we catch it until we deliver it to your doorstep


At our company, we take a hands-on approach to handling our fish (literally!) Each one is carefully inspected and delivered to our dock tote individually to ensure its quality. To maintain the best possible condition, we limit the number of fish in each tote to approximately 100, which is half of the standard load. This allows us to keep the fish cold with slush ice and prevent bruising and tearing.

We take great care to ensure that our fish is transported promptly from the dock to the processing area without any delays. Our processing time is approximately half of the industry standard, enabling us to preserve the freshness and flavor of our fillets. We never use machines in our processing, instead relying on skilled individuals to handle the fish with care.

Here is a video from one of our fishers, Matt, who talks about the reasons he loves working with Kenai-Red Fish Company...