Our CSA Partners

Kenai-Red Partner Stoneboat

Stoneboat Farm

is a sustainable vegetable and turkey farm.

Brothers Aaron and Jesse Nichols work with an awesome crew of humans, a few dogs, and sometimes some horses to grow the very best veggies we can.

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Kenai-Red Partner Pumpkin Ridge

Pumpkin Ridge Gardens

Pumpkin Ridge Gardens is 20 rolling acres located only 22 miles west of Portland near North Plains. Since 1987, the farm has been carefully tended to eliminate the adverse effects of commercial strawberry production. We have been building the soil with organic techniques since 1989.

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Kenai-Red Partner Moomaw

Moomaw Family Farm

We’re Nathan and Amanda Moomaw and we started our farm in 2013 to provide humane, pastured meat to folks around Portland, Oregon. We got going with the support of our initial 60 CSA members and we’ve been steadily increasing each year to reach a size that allows us to sustain our family. Along the way, we’ve developed relationships with other small family farms in our area who now each raise animals for our CSA, which has allowed us to serve more members while keeping each farm small. We feel like forming a collective of small farms is a much better way to scale up than creating one giant farm.

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Kenai-Red Partner Wild Grown

Wild Grown Farm

Wild Grown Farm is a family owned and operated edible plant nursery and pastured poultry farm in beautiful Central Oregon. We specialize in heirloom and open-pollinated plant starts including vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. We raise a diverse array of pastured poultry including chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese. We steward our land using permaculture principles and regenerative farming practices in our quest to cultivate the world we wish to see for our children. We invite you to follow along with our story on social media or subscribing to our newsletter to keep up to date with happening on the farm!

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Sweet Mercy Farms

Sweet Mercy Farms

Our Farm is nestled along the Rio Grande Bosque in Albuquerque, NM. We're purveyors of free-range eggs, grass-fed beef, and grain-fed heritage pork. We are glad to be a part of providing whole, real, good food to our neighbors.