Flash Frozen vs. Fresh

Flash Frozen vs. Fresh

What is flash freezing?

Our wild salmon is vacuum sealed and then flash frozen in airtight packages. Flash freezing, also known as “blast freezing” occurs very quickly. This process locks in all the flavors, juices, and benefits of fresh fish, allowing them to keep perfectly for long periods.  Fresher than fresh, really. The salmon even retain their red color and firm texture.  

Flash freezing requires us to use technologically advanced, extremely low temperature freezers (± -40° Fahrenheit) for each piece just as soon as it is vacuum packed, maintaining the flavor, texture, and goodness of each day’s catch.  This ensures that there is no degradation at all in the quality of the share you receive.  When the fish freezes this quickly, no ice crystals form to affect the tissue, preserving the fish naturally.

Flash freezing has been proven to the very best way to preserve the shelf life of our wild & sustainably caught Alaskan salmon. This process ensures a much longer shelf (freezer) life, and relegates artificial preservatives to being a thing of the past.  And the flavor, aroma, and nutritional benefits you enjoy are exactly as they were when it was caught, even if you live thousands of miles away.

Our fish is cleaned, filleted, packaged & flash frozen usually in less than 8 hours after catch!  Afterwards, it is stored at well below freezing and shipped to Portland where it is kept at such a low temperature that the fish does not age at all until you thaw it.  The remote fishing location and the relatively short harvest season make flash freezing the very best way for you to enjoy your fish as fresh as it is when we catch it!


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