The Reviews Are In!

  • Y'all are great. The product is amazing and it's nice to finally have fish that I know is fresh!!! It's better than anything I've ever purchased in a store. Your cold and hot smoked salmon should be illegal, it's that addictive.

    — Brenda Bentley

  • The quality and ease of ordering. Buying from a supermarket can sometimes be less than ideal, but I always know what I'm getting from KRFC.

    — Alex Bailey

  • I like knowing that the seafood I buy from KRFC supports sustainable fishing practices and family fisherpeople. The seafood is also excellent quality and delicious!

    — Brandy Benedict

  • It is wonderful to support an industry that is direct and good for the environment without middlemen.

    — Andrea P.

  • I love knowing that it's flash frozen so super fresh and cutting out the middleman. Also, it's affordable and the packaging is clean and a convenient size for a family meal.

    — Jo Wang

  • Getting the fish directly from the fishermen ensures I get the best quality products and the they get a fairer share of the profit.

    — Michael S.