*NEW* Cold Smoked Salmon add-on

  • 2+ lbs
  • $99.00  ($48.00/lb) *
  • 11 3oz packages
  • Pre sliced
Add 2+ lbs (11 3 oz packages) to and of your shares. Our cold smoked salmon recipe and process was first created by Dr. Art Tilgner in Cordova, AK. Art learned of the European style of cold smoking and experimented with ingredients and smoking techniques, finally developing the product you have today. Now owned by Kenai-Red Fish Company, our smoking takes place in our small batch, family owned facility in Ninilchik, AK. The process is led by our Head Smoker, Jaime Bellefeuille, from Clam Gulch, AK (down the road). We partner with a few local fisherpersons and pay them living wage prices for the salmon. Most of our salmon is caught within 10 miles of our property and arrives at our processing facility the day it is caught. Pretty awesome. Our wild sockeye salmon is the world famous Cook Inlet sockeye -the Kenai and Kasilof Reds. Our process is done by hand with great care.